The footnotes are the little notes that the reader finds at the bottom of the page, which cite references on the designated part of the text written above in the page. If the writer thinks that the sentence written by him needs an interesting explanation or a word needs a definition to make the reading part on the track, he can include that in the paper or the book at the foot of the pages. The paper writing services believe that a writer can keep his readers glued to the text with the help of footnotes and endnotes because this way there will be no need for the reader to browse the internet or the dictionary for an explanation to the written phrase or word. CUSTOMTERMPAPER.CO.UK attempts to show the purpose of including footnotes and endnotes in a paper or a novel and what are the pros and cons of using the citations. The footnotes and endnotes are used to deliver and note the following information:

  • Bibliographical information,
  • Descriptive information,
  • Copyright and patent permission,
  • Supplemental information,
  • Tools to explore a subject further,
  • Background information,
  • To elaborate a specific thought or

The advantages of using footnotes:

  • The reader has to look at the bottom of the page for information.
  • The reader has instant accessibility to the idea and thought that is relevant to the material.
  • No additional page is required for the printing of the footnote.

The disadvantages of footnotes:

  • If the footnotes are high in number it makes the page look messy and makes the reading harder.
  • The length of the description in footnotes might dominate the text of the page and distract the reader.

The advantages of using endnotes:

  • The endnotes are not distracting at all.
  • Via endnotes the reader can read and digest the whole citation as they are present all together.

The disadvantages of using endnotes:

  • The reader has to go at the end of the paper to read the information regarding a phrase or word.
  • The readers may get the notion that you do not want to present the information up-front and are keener in hiding it.

Their use depends on the writer and the paper. It is not necessary to use both, the writer can elect one of them whichever suits his writing needs. Footnotes are considered obsolete in some areas of writing but the sources of information have to be referred in some way and therefore its use is required. Consult your teachers and other classmates as to how you can make the best use of the tools of citation in your writing, even after that you think you are not that clear about their application, contact the expert writers associated with research paper writing services and they will guide in preparing a coherent footnote or endnote. If the student is not sure about the right application of footnotes and endnotes, then it may end up disabling the ground of the research paper.
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