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The subject statistics has its root in the probability branch of mathematics, i.e. the solution that one derives majorly depends on the prediction of the statistician or on the students who are in schools and colleges. The statisticians are in high demand in almost every field because their knowledge and the skills are of utmost use to the government as it will help them in forming the policy and generating the employment opportunities that benefits the citizens in every way. The medicinal department also needs the person with statistics knowledge to determine the formation of the medicine and its function in the market. Statistics is the subject which helps the sectors in examining the performances of their experiments and predicts in advance the risk that it will involve. The business enterprises need the department of statisticians to know the areas in which the investment will generate profit and loss and with the right calculation, they are able to estimate the risk that a particular investment might include so they pull out the money before such circumstances have to be endured. The students in schools are given the knowledge of the probability chapter first so that they are able to grasp the concepts of statistics subject.
Statistics homework is a major challenge to the students who do not have a strong hold on the subject of mathematics and especially in the chapter of probability. The numbers given in the questions are copied as incorrect by the students which creates a problem in estimating the real answer. The concepts of statistics are mostly not comprehended by the students and that leads to silly mistakes in the practical solving section. The main thing that makes the students dislike the subject of statistics is the fact that they are not able to connect with the theories that it comprises of and have a hard time in finishing the work efficiently.
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