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The dissertation or thesis is a long essay on a particular or specific subject which is in the written form. Usually, a dissertation is written for a university degree or diploma. It is the most difficult topic that students face in their academic career. Writing a thesis is a great experience. Write more content to give the best structure to the dissertation’s content. A thesis should have a clear objective. All the topics should be prescribed simultaneously. Put down on the paper whatever comes to the mind. Be specific to the topics covered. Due to its size and importance, dissertation becomes paralyzing to the students. Most of the students find writing as daunting to them. They feel grabbed to write more and lengthier dissertations. A thesis has a prescribed structure:

  1. TITLE PAGE – The title page must include all the relevant information about the dissertation.
  2. ABSTRACT – It should contain the summary having background, findings and techniques/ procedures.
  3. CONTENTS – List of the topics and the chapters contained in the thesis.
    1. CHAPTER 1 – BACKGROUND – A description of the motive behind your project.
    2. CHAPTER 2 – LITERATURE REVIEW – A summary of the literature assisting your project.
    3. CHAPTER 3 – METHODOLOGY – A description of the methodology being used.
    4. CHAPTER 4 – DATA ANALYSIS – A description of methods used in analyzing research data.
    5. CHAPTER 5 – DISCUSSION – Main conclusions produced.
  4. BIBLIOGRAPHY – A list of the references cited in the dissertation.
  5. APPENDICES – Further information used in your research.

Students find dissertation writing as an uneasy task, it becomes challenging for them to gather information about the topic. Students have to write a dissertation for their whole academic period. Dissertation writing becomes daunting to them. Students suffer a lot because they are poorly planned, with a limited information of research. As it is prolonged, students find it boring and time-consuming. For writing a dissertation, one has to be confident to write more and more in the content. Students are not informative about the topic on which they are going to write. Its process evolves a deep sense of commitment.
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